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Celebrating Small Businesses and the People Who Build Them

In the past 29 weeks since COVID-19 hit in the USA, BPassionit has had to reimagine our future and find new strategies for our small business’s survival.

I want to thank everyone in our community who cares about our business and has purchased something from us as a sign of support.

I also want to recognize and thank those individuals who have helped to build BPassionit.

If you’re following us on social media, you have already met some of the people we have been celebrating. These are the people who have given their creativity, knowledge, experience, passion, craft, and time to make BPassionit the best small business, it can be.

No two people are alike, but together these people have managed to accomplish something exceptional.

I have always been relentless about my drive to make things work. The world has been through a lot this year. I’ve noticed that I am not alone in my drive,  as I watch others make their relentless drive to bring us all back to normality. Nothing should be taken for granted,  I will enjoy every clear non-smokie sky and every glass of wine while dining out at my favorite restaurant, and yes those awesome BPassionit Team members who make my life better.

Meet the Amazing BPassionit Team

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