A Guide To BPassionit Sizes

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Our products are sewn to fit your body, accentuating your assets while providing a comfortable fit. Compare your body measurements to the size chart to find your perfect size.


Use the tables below as a guide.

Body Measurements Guide

Body MeasurementsXSSMLXL

Product Length and Inseams Guide

Product Length and InseamsXSSMLXL
Ankle Legging-Length27.52828.52929.5
Breeze Skirts- Length1212.5131414.5
Breeze Skirts Long Length-13.5141515.5
Hem Layer Shorts- Inseam3.53.7544.25-
Hem Layer Pocket Shorts-Inseam3.53.7544.25-
High Waist Shirred Ruffle Skirt-Length12.512.5131415
High Waist Flap Front Skirt-Length1313.5141515.5
High Waist Skirts with Ruffles-Length1313.5141515.5
High Waist A-Line Layer Mesh Skirt-Length1313.5141515.5
Long Sleeves-Body Length2424.2524.524.7525
Long Sleeves-Sleeve Length21.752222.2522.522.75
Long Pants-Inseam29.5303132-
Notch Front Racerback Tank-Length22.52323.52424.5
Pleated Skirts- Length12.51313.514.515
Pleated Longer Length Skirts- Length-1414.515.516
Scoop Neck Tanks- Length2323.52424.525
Short Sleeve Tops- Length2323.52424.525
T-Back Tanks- Length2020.52121.522
V-Front Tanks- Length20.52121.52222.5
Wrap Flare Skirt With Pleats- Length1212.5131414.5
Wrap Flare Skirts Longer Length- Length-13.5141515.5

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