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You can help us build our team page by sending us a photo of your team. We will create a memory here and reward you and everyone in the photograph. That's right, 30% off the purchase price of one regular-priced item on our website. Just smile and shoot. Visit Rewards to
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Team Photo Gallery

Meet Play Love Tennis

Tucson 2021 Sweet Spots

Gold River Headed To Nationals

65+ 7.0 Levels

Johnson Ranch 55+

4.0 Level

Johnson Ranch 55+

Loving The Dots

Meet Play Love 2019

Loving The Dots

Girls Just Wanna Have

Meet Play Love 2019

Girls Just Wanna Have

Chamisal Volley Girls Wearing Refresh Collection

Chamisal Volley Girls

Senior Cup Indian Wells

SWAT (Some Wine After Tennis)

Senior Cup Indian Wells

Shout Out To Doylestown Tennis Club Wearing Eclipse Collection

Doylestown Tennis Club

Tahoe Tough Team Playing At The 2018 Meet Play Love Tournament In Tucson, Arizona

Tahoe Tough Team

Johnson Ranch Team Playing At The 2018 Meet Play Love Tournament In Tucson, Arizona

Johnson Ranch Team

Johnson Ranch Racquet Club

Winners Of 2017 Nor-Cal Sectionals 40 And Over Competing At Nationals In Orlando, Florida

Johnson Ranch Racquet Club

2017 Winners Of The Indian Wells Senior Cup Tennis Tournament

From Fair Oaks, California Captained By Terrie O'Donnell

2017 Womens Tennis Winnder Indian Wells

2017 Submitted By Malinda Griffin From South Carolina

Melinda Griffin Team

2016 The Sunshine Acres Adult 18 & Over 3.0 Team, Sunset Hill Country Club

The Sunshine Acres

2016 Imperial Happy Racquets From Santa Cruz California

Imperial Happy Racquets

The Fireballs, 2015 Adult 18 & Over Women's 4.0 Team Johnson Ranch

2014 Gold River 7.0 Team

2014 Gold River 7.0 Team

Team Orders

Thinking about dressing your team? Let BPassionit join your journey to looking fabulous!

Register your team with us and receive 25% off any collection you choose.

Teams must purchase at least ten items to receive the 25% savings. Fill out and submit the registration form for your team. Be sure to select the cap or visor option for your gift. You can submit this registration on the BPassionit website by visiting contact us.

Once your registration is received, we will create a unique discount code and email it to you. Use this code at check-out to purchase your team's first order. BPassionit has a Ten item minimum on first orders. Once you meet your minimum requirement, share the code with your team members. They can use this code for an entire month to receive 25% savings on all regular-priced items at BPassionit.com. Please note that our Team discount doesn't apply to discounted items and cannot used with other discounts or gift cards.

Have your teammates combine their orders to take advantage of our free shipping on purchases over $70.00.

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As a thank you for registering your team with us, you're eligible to receive a free gift with your next purchase. Please let us know if you are a cap or visor wearer.
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