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Move Yourself – Positivity In All That You Do

With the rest of the world, we have been watching the development of the COVID-19 situation. Every one of us has shifted focus together in solidarity with each other, to combat this virus.

We at BPassionit have adhered to social distancing with the stoppage of all our outside sales and charity events.

Our online business continues to ship orders with no break in service or delays. Working to find ways to give back to our customers until we are all back on the court and in the gym, we have turned Free Ship Friday into a Free Ship Every Day.

BPassionit has a tagline, “Move Yourself.” My wish for all of is that we continue to Move Ourselves, to stay healthy, unite as a community, and bring positivity to all that we do.

I want to thank our community for their support.

Lisa Podlipnik

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