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Summer Again

Back for the summer and working with BPassionit again is our intern Ally Burnham.

SummerAlly has been with us since 2018. She is now a senior in college, attending Kansas State University and studying Apparel and Textiles, with a minor in Business. Ally has done many things for BPassionit over the years.

This summer she is completing an approved internship through her college program at Kansas State. Ally has chosen the task of working on building and keeping our social media presence up-to-date. I hope you have seen and enjoyed all the new posts she has placed across our social media channels. If not, be sure to follow BPassionit on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and our Twitter account.

Ally has a real passion for fashion. We are thankful for her presence at BPassionit and have enjoyed seeing her personal growth and the ways she has put her mark on our brand. “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” Ally continues to be our little extra, we appreciate her efforts to make us extraordinary.

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